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The SUIFF method bases its WEIGHT loss program on the latest scientific trends and the best training plan designed for you.

To lose weight and reduce fat mass, scientific studies attach great importance to muscle training for the following reason:

"Until now, typical weight loss programs have been based on medium-intensity cardiovascular training and a low-calorie diet. This combination, although successful in the short term, has shown that the person also loses muscle mass and therefore their basal metabolism decreases, resulting in weight gain in the medium term. "

To maintain our muscular system we need to expend 4 times more basal calories than to maintain our fat. If we have more muscle mass we burn more basal calories each day, helping us to maintain our weight better.

The SUIFF weight loss program is specifically designed to ensure fat loss and a slight increase in muscle mass.

We work by levels of exercise so that we can adapt as much as possible to your current fitness level and improve it progressively over time. We are not looking for immediate results as they are bad in the medium term. It is important to create habits for good.

Our SUIFF method programmes you a minimum work system for each week with objectives to achieve, designed for you.

2 to 3 sessions per week to improve the muscle mass of your whole body. Workouts as short as 20' - 25'.
You will be able to move from 2,000kg to 3,000kg per week.

1 to 2 HIIT or MIIT cardio sessions per week. Workouts as short as 20' - 25'. Not always, depending on your level.
For a more active lifestyle, here are a few tips: walk at least 10,000 steps a day, climb stairs, get up every 2 hours from your chair or sofa for a short walk or do 2 easy exercises.

You will have to add: Your nutritional system
A proper diet with a nutritionist to give you personal guidelines that you can apply throughout your life, not just during the diet period. It is important that you know how to regulate your eating habits for good (without dieting) and incorporate them into your lifestyle.

SUIFF weight loss programs are structured in 12-week periods, which is the minimum time to start seeing results. To motivate you further, each program consists of four phases of 3 weeks each, which will progressively increase in difficulty as you progress, to ensure proper adaptation and evolution.
During all these phases you will have to meet a series of established objectives so that you can achieve the desired results. In addition, you will receive constant feedback every week so you can see your current progress.

In this way, you will be able to do 12-week programs on a regular basis and you will achieve your goals. We don't want to deceive you with immediate results: only regular programmes over time will give you the results you expect, forever. Train with us and you will see the results.

● Only you can change your habits.
● Incorporate a strength and cardio training plan that has been designed by professionals such as SUIFF. Doing single sessions without a plan it’s worthless.
● Don't diet all the time: your body doesn't understand. Give it a continuous pattern and you will see that the response will be very good.
● Be regular: this is the most important thing to change your body and your habits.