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Don't run out of strength to run

Complementing race preparation with strength training increases the chances of success and reduces the risk of injury


Contrary to what you may believe, the race is a discipline of strength; yes, what you hear, to run, especially when we start in this discipline, what we have to try is to be stronger, since we are performing a cyclical movement, which is repeated about 150-160 times per minute. For example, in an 8km race we will take between 7200 and 7700 strides with their respective impacts on the ground. It is necessary to have enough strength, not only to make a correct gesture but also to withstand the impact. Strength is the factor that will determine the success of the challenge we face with a healthy goal and enjoying the sport. Complementing test preparation, with proper strength training, not only increases the chances of success, but also reduces the chances of injury.

But what does that training have to be like?

A strength program for beginning runners must be complementary to our running session and we can integrate it in a way that does not require lengthening the training time. With it we will strengthen the muscle groups that we use the most when running. This training will ensure a correct posture during the race, strengthen the muscles and balance the system improving our performance and avoiding injuries.

What are the benefits of training with SUIFF?

On the one hand, SUIFF allows us to control the amount of effort we make and adapt it to our progress in each exercise to ensure that we apply the right strength to our level. In addition, it allows us to dedicate the right time to each session, without prior preparation and wherever we want. In the application you have the training programs you need for each goal, so you just have to click to access a program tailored to your needs and let yourself be guided through a personalized training designed by professionals. So you know, the best way to achieve your goals in a healthy way is to improve your strength; reduce risks, increase the chances of success and all that while training with your friends or at home. Shall we start?