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Travel functional training kit

Travel Heavy Kit - gold

The training system that goes with you: Improve your sport performance, get fit and protect yourself from getting injuried wherever you are!

Choose your exercicise program, create your own functional training workout plan and track your strength training in real time. You just have to sincronize your SUIFF sensor with the app, fix it to the resistance band that better fits you and start working out.

Do not stop training when you are on holidays or traveling. The low to medium resistance bands will allow you to keep training wherever you are, carry it on easily with its case

The SUIFF most portable smart gym.

234,00 €
210,60 €
-23,40 €
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Product details

Dimensions (with packaging) 300x150x200mm
Weight Total Kit 1.4 kg
1 SUIFF Sensor
2 SUIFF Elastic Bands
2 Handles
2 Ankle straps
1 Door anchor
1 Universal anchor
1 SUIFF carabiner