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Compensatory vacation training

For those of us who like to train every day, vacation periods do not have to be an interruption in our routine. Holidays are a good time to focus on the structures and systems that we imply little in our sport or that we demand too much of. We propose a compensatory training that allows you to train more and better and that, in addition, helps you prevent injuries. The goal of this compensatory training is to reduce the chances of injury to certain structures by improving tone. How do I prepare for my compensatory training?

Think about your sport

Which areas of your body are trained the most and which are the least? In the most worked areas, perform stretching exercises, self-massage or eccentric toning, in those less worked areas, perform toning exercises. For example, if you are a runner, you will perform exercises and self-massage in the lower body (the most loaded area) and reinforce the tone of the upper body (abs, arms, back).

Select the most suitable exercises

Following the example of the runner, an exercise such as planks would be interesting to work the upper area, instead for the legs we would apply self-massage or eccentric toning.

Take into account the range of movement

The sporting gesture of your sport has a specific amplitude, it is always recommended that the total range of motion of your joint is always higher, therefore, look for exercises with wide ranges, to preserve that margin of safety that reduces the risk of injury and to stop enjoying your favorite sport. The SUIFF system offers you pre-defined templates so that you can carry out this activity in a guided way and with the guarantee of efficiency from our sports technicians. Enjoy sports this holidays too and get ready for the next season with SUIFF!