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You can't improve what you can't measure. Discover the revolutionary method

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What will you get with the SUIFF system?

Look and feel yourself good. Have a toned and healthy body

Muscle is the engine of your body, working it will reduce injuries, improve your joint system and have a toned and healthy body. It is really essential that you make a leap in your results.

Increase your basal energy and burn more calories daily

With strength training you will burn more calories because you will increase your basal metabolism. You will transform your body with personalized routines that will improve your body composition, and make you lose weight and eliminate muscle and joint pain.

Achieve the benefits that exercise brings with perseverance

With our patented sensor, stop exercising and start training. We plan your progression according to your fitness level and your daily exercise so that you acquire the necessary routine that will lead you to consolidate it as a habit of life.

The importance of strength training

From the age of 30, a process of loss of muscle mass begins, being a natural feature of aging. The body changes its body composition by losing muscle and increasing its fat percentage, causing weight gain, joint pain, injuries, increased blood glucose levels, and decreased basal metabolism.

We lose 0.8% - 1.5% muscle mass every year, which is transformed into fat if we do not work it.

It is essential that you train your muscle system.

How do we train to revolutionize your body?

  1. The SUIFF sensor, our secret weapon for training

    The patented SUIFF system is a must have for the revolution. The sensor measures and records your strength training, to improve day by day and motivate you. Thanks to the data of your functional training, which is recorded in the app, your personal trainer will be able to advise you on the best training plan for you.

  1. We have a training plan. Without a plan there is no revolution

    90% of people who exercise at home abandon their routines because they fail to motivate themselves to continue. They don't have a plan. Professional athletes follow training plans to achieve their best results and maintain them over time. SUIFF prepares your training plan so that you achieve your goals and not give up.
  1. We have the best personal trainers. Without coaches there is no revolution

    We have a team of personal trainers who will make you move, sweat, guide you in your routine, and propose the best training plan for you.

And we count on you, because without you there is no revolution!

Revolutionary training plan

With the SUIFF method we measure the kg you move in your personal training plan so that you can transform your body.

To get a muscular system that keeps your body healthy you have to train by moving a minimum of kg a week.

Woman 2.000 kg/week
Man 3.000 kg/week
*This is the recommendation for your muscular system as well as to have a healthy heart you have to walk 10,000 steps/day

What will you take to the revolution

  1. We have the best material for you

    At SUIFF we attach great importance to strength work as it is the basis of the revolution for your body.

    We use elastic bands Many studies have shown that exercise with elastic bands can generate muscle activation levels similar to weight training. The advantage is that they take up very little space and are very easy to use.

  1. Bodyweight exercises

    With your body you can do many exercises for strength and joint mobility that help to complement the muscular work of the whole body.

We combine all kinds of exercise
to motivate and challenge you constantly.


Maria Arenillas

After 19 years of intense Fitness training in the gym, during the long period of confinement, SUIFF has given me the option of being able to preserve and even improve my muscle tone. The experience has been so satisfactory that I have now decided to alternate work in the gym with weight and work with SUIFF at home, since it allows me the high level of intensity that I demand of myself. I recommend it to everyone!