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Get fit and feel better

We are now 2 weeks into 2020 and the holidays are finally over. With the roscón de Reyes, the excuses for not starting to fulfill your New Year's resolutions are over now, among which you may find spending more time on yourself, taking care of yourself and feeling better. In this article we cannot tell you where to get more time but we can give you a solution to not needing so much to meet your goals of getting fit and feeling better physically.


Getting in shape with 30 minutes a day is real, affordable and easy. You just need to know how and have willpower. To begin with, we must respect 3 fundamental pillars for personal well-being: rest, eat correctly and do physical activity regularly.

1. REST:

Resting correctly and for enough time is essential to perform at your best both physically and mentally and regain energy every day. Sleep 7-9 hours a day. If you do intense or long sports sessions in the afternoon-night it is important that your training sessions finish at least between two and three hours before going to bed and ideally leave a day of rest between workouts of the same muscle group so that this recover.


It is not only important what you eat but also what you do NOT eat, heed the advice of a lifetime: eat a little of everything and without going overboard but give the green role to carbohydrates and proteins in their proper measure. Also take into account how you eat: eating quietly is much healthier than eating with anxiety, with little time or while doing other activities (you eat more and worse). And finally:


Of the 3 points mentioned, it is the one that requires more time and more willpower ... If you already do sports in your day to day, surely it will be easy for you to put on your shoes and go out for a run after work but ... what about those days? rainy, cold or lazy after a hard day? If you don't do sports then the challenge is already written in capital letters, now are you going to have to make an extra effort or, even worse, find time in your schedule? Well yes, but this is where SUIFF makes it easier than ever by providing you with functional training, with tutorial videos and personalized training plans adapted to your needs, whatever your level, you can exercise wherever you want in 20 or 30 minutes.


Functional training is one that does not train isolated muscles but muscle groups. It can be a very complete training if it is done well and it is also adaptable to the physical capacities and level of each person regardless of their age or condition. The benefits of functional training are also multiple: It helps to burn fat, improves body posture and stability, prevents injuries and is an excellent sports supplement that strengthens muscles helping to improve performance; And no, it doesn't necessarily mean gaining volume or muscle.


Functional training may seem complicated if you do not have extensive knowledge on the subject, but with SUIFF it will seem as easy as walking: SUIFF offers guided training plans with videos, offers you templates to lose weight, tone up or train for a sport specific, and most importantly: measure each and every one of your exercises so you can see your results in real time.

SUIFF makes it easy for you when it comes to fulfilling your New Year's resolutions by allowing you to train wherever and whenever you want in workouts of 20 to 30 minutes, now you need to put your willpower ... What are you waiting for? Get your challenge this year!