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How to get the most out of your customers?

There’s no way to improve what can’t be measured

There’s no way to improve what can’t be measured.

SUIFF PRO is the wireless sensor for monitoring tensile force. With SUIFF PRO you can instantly measure and assess the muscle strength of your clients to motivate them and improve their performance.

Perform functional strength assessments in dynamic and isometric actions, and train with strength biofeedback in real time.

In addition, SUIFF PRO is compatible with a wide variety of training machines: all types of pulleys, isoinertial machines, suspension, elastic bands ... you choose!

Weighing just 120g, the SUIFF PRO sensor is capable of measuring tensile forces of up to 180kg.The sensor records the force data and sends it wirelessly to a mobile device, smartphone or tablet.

User friendly and intuitive APP

The exclusive SUIFF PRO mobile App receives and processes the data sent by the SUIFF PRO sensor and presents it to the user in real time.

What advantages does the SUIFF PRO app offer?

  • An intuitive, simple and friendly navigation.

  • Feedback of the force applied in real time. Instantaneous force, average force and peak force.

  • Unlimited customer management. Registration and cancellation of clients.

  • Historical records. You can export the reports in PDF and filter them by customer.

  • Offers force-time graphs with scrolling zoom.

  • Force and time metrics.

  • Possibility of editing the graph of a series. The APP has sliding selectors to easily modify the start and end point of the record.

How will SUIFF PRO help your business?

  • Increase the added value of your business services.

  • With SUIFF PRO you provide your professionals with reliable and objective tools to get the most out of your clients.

  • Revalue the work of your professionals.

  • Control the progression of your clients.

  • Expand your business with online training.