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Get the most out of your customers

Measure your sessions on your mobile device

Realtime force registering

Measure and analyze your customers' force levels evolution along their trainings.

Wireless light sensor

Weighing only 117 g, the SUIFF Pro sensor is capable of measuring traction forces up to 180 kg with high accuracy.

Friendly & intuitive usage

The SUIFF Pro app is easy to use thanks to its interface design: simple, intuitive and versatile. Measure, save, analyze and compare your customers' progression.

Suitable to a high variety of training machines

Fast and easy fixation to a high variety of training machines: suspension training, all kinds of pulleys elastic bands, isoinertial machines and much more. YOU CHOOSE!

Isometric & dynamic actions measurement

  • Force variation and time of activity graphs
  • Training session briefing
  • Compare between series and trainings
  • Isometric and dynamic actions measurement