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The importance of training with elastic bands

Training with elastic bands is one of the most complete that exists, since the bands themselves can provide a training that is as useful and complete as working with free weights. Many people think that belts serve an accessory job function, but it is a misconception.

In recent years, elastic bands have become a fundamental tool in training in many fitness clubs and, above all, in training at home.

What are the benefits of training with elastic bands?

Training with elastic bands offers the advantages of weight training but without the contraindications that it entails. That is, by training with elastic bands you can tone and strengthen the muscles without overloading them.

Here are the benefits you will get with band training:

  • You will exercise practically all the muscles of the body. With machines or free weights, only a limited amount of movements can be made, whereas with bands we can offer resistance to practically any movement.
  • They allow training at all levels. The elastic bands are adaptable for multiple fitness levels, making them ideal for all types of people.
  • They are extremely portable. Being so light they are perfect for training anywhere, you can transport them comfortably and they do not require a large storage space.
  • Ideal for strength training. The elastic bands provide a force against which the muscle has to work and offer progressive resistance. Progressive resistance causes the amount of muscle fibers used in muscle mass exercise to increase as the range of motion is advanced.
  • They improve balance. By working with the bands we will be able to stabilize the body and perform some exercises more easily.
  • Great variety of exercises. They are ideal for working all kinds of exercises and thus creating varied and different training routines.

Combine SUIFF with elastic bands


With the SUIFF method you can set goals and measure them to improve. The SUIFF sensor offers three metrics:

  • Volume of kilos of force. When you work with the SUIFF sensor, you will accumulate kilograms of force with each exercise.
  • Average strength of each exercise. You will obtain the work force of each exercise you do with the elastic bands to be able to improve the average work force. For this we offer you three different options:
    • Tense the band. With the same elastic band, move away from the anchor point and the tighter the band is, the more force you will have to do.
    • Increase the resistance of your elastic band. Each elastic band has a different resistance, in the case of SUIFF bands, the R2 band is the lowest and the R7 is the highest. Changing the elastic band to one of greater resistance will increase the force you exert.
  • Indicator of regularity. The application has an indicator that will show you the daily kilograms that you have accumulated, so you can measure your progress. In women it is advisable to maintain 300kg / day and in men, 450.

Los kits SUIFF


At SUIFF we have 3 models of kits that combine sensor and elastic bands, so you can choose the one that best suits you and start strength training today.

  • Kit SUIFF Smart Light. This kit includes the sensor and the R2 and R3 bands, medium low resistance, recommended for beginners or for use as a reference in exercises that involve a single small muscle joint.
  • Kit SUIFF Smart Medium. It includes the sensor and the R4 and R5 bands, recommended to use as evolution of level 3.
  • Kit SUIFF Smart Heavy. Este kit incluye el sensor y las bandas R6 y R7, de resistencia alta.  Es perfecto para quienes practican deporte de forma regular, conocen la técnica de entrenamiento de fuerza y requieren de un nivel de exigencia elevado.