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Women’s strength

Use your muscles and you won’t get old

Not too many years ago, in 2003, it was unveiled that the muscular system consists into a endocrine organ, which secretes dozens of molecules called myokines, which interact with other organs in our body to make it work perfectly.

That great discovery gave us a gift to our quality of life, give us the key to stay physically young until the end of our lives: KEEP OUR MUSCULAR SYSTEM ACTIVE OVER TIME.

Muscles had been underestimated for years. Muscular exercise has been associated to bodybuilding, muscular hypertrophy, and that’s why women had rejected it, as a sign of masculinity.

As women, we need to make a change of paradigm, of mentality, without muscular exercise we won’t stop aging, nor will we improve our quality of life, even if we feel well nowadays, we must know that our muscular mass decreases around 1% every year, and from menopause speeds up to an 1,5-2%. It is an invisible loss, we won’t notice it day by day, but over time we’ll notice it with joint pain, knees, back, neck, etc., subcutaneous and intra-abdominal fat growing, that is to say our organs, which will stop working efficiently.


Stop thinking that doing muscular exercise you’ll get ripped, that’s impossible! We have 10 times less testosterone than men. For a 95% of us we’ll never define muscle, in that case we should work them a lot and have supplements, etc. Our work has to be focused on muscle loss prevention and keep it like we had it when we were 25-30 years old. Change your mind to: muscular activity is what will bring me youth and wellness.

What type of exercise may I do to keep my vital youth?

We’ll see that we can do it in so many ways and eacho of us must find the way she likes the most, or fits in her lifestyle.

Are you ready to make a change and work to keep forever young?

In our next post we’ll talk about it.