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If you want to take the leap, the great secret to lose weight, improve your marks or be 100% in shape is to add a good personalized system of muscle training

90% of people who exercise at home abandon their routines because they cannot motivate themselves to continue. They do not have a plan or a goal.

Professional athletes follow training plans to achieve their best results and maintain them over time. They have a plan and a goal.

Our training plans can be done by anyone since we have different levels and objectives.

I want my plan

8-12 week plans of constant strength work and physical exercise to start transforming your body with the secret weapon: the SUIFF sensor.

You can choose between four main objectives to achieve

I want to have my body more toned

I want to have my body more toned

This training plan aims to increase the level of muscle mass throughout the body. To achieve this, as the program progresses, the intensity and total volume of the training will increase. The sessions are structured to work all the muscles throughout the week, emphasizing in the largest muscle groups.

I want to get fit

I want to get fit

This training plan aims to have a healthy body and feel good. It is a plan designed to combine muscular and cardiovascular exercise and some joint mobility exercises. It is a program that you can always follow since the main objective is to achieve regularity when exercising because it is the only way to always be 100%.

I want to lose weight

I want to lose weight

This training plan aims to reduce body fat and maintain muscle mass as much as possible. To achieve this, a training system is used combining strength exercises with more cardiovascular exercises. Also, more aerobic tips and training will be progressively introduced to combine and achieve the best results.

I want to improve in my favourite sport

I want to improve in my favourite sport

This training plan will be specific to improve in a certain sport, and will vary depending on the sport.

We always introduce more generic exercises for general strengthening and joint mobility, and sport-specific exercises to improve performance and avoid injuries.

The method we use

Our SUIFF method is a cyclical training program that sets you weekly goals so that you are constantly motivated and get to look and feel the way you want: the goal you are looking for with your exercising.

Our method is based on four cyclical phases that will repeat.

1. My objective. What do I want to achieve?

At first we look for your needs and the objectives to be achieved in order to develop the best training program for you, with a survey.

2. I have a plan with a kilogram objectives to move

You will have a personal plan that you must follow in the SUIFF app, with the sessions that we will send you. The sessions will have a dedication of 20-40 minutes, two to three days a week and you will be able to follow your kilogram results.

3. My training. I train to reach my objectives!

To get to look and feel as you expect, you will train in two-week cycles with a challenge to achieve. If you succeed, you will go to the next phase of two weeks with a new challenge, if you don't, you will continue in the same phase until you achieve it. With each session carried out, you will accumulate volume of kg that will help you to see if you are improving and keeping you motivated to continue.

4. My success. Have I improved?

At the end of the program you will repeat the initial assessment test to be able to compare your progress. With our cyclical SUIFF method, you will adapt to different goals in your different moments of life and you will always get the body you want.

Why do I use the SUIFF sensor?

There's no way to improve what can't be measured.

With SUIFF you can measure your objectives with three interesting metrics:

1. Volume of force kg

When you work with the SUIFF sensor you will accumulate kilograms of force with each exercise. At SUIFF we have a healthy goal.

The same way as to have a healthy heart you have to walk between 10000 and 15000 steps a day, to have a healthy muscular system you have to move:

Woman 2.000 kg/week
Man 3.000 kg/week

You will get it with SUIFF. Join to the HEALTHY KG REVOLUTION!

2. Mean force in every exercise

Every exercise you do with the elastic bands you will get the force of work of that exercise. You can improve the average force of work in three different ways:

1.With the same elastic band, moving further away from the anchor point. The more you tense the band, the more force you will have to do.

2.Changing the elastic band to one of greater resistance. Each rubber band has a different resistance, R2 is the lowest and R7 is the highest.

3.You can also put more than one elastic band to have more resistance.

3. Regularity indicator

We have an indicator that marks the daily kilograms that you have accumulated. It is calculated by dividing the total volume of kilos moved by the number of days you have been using the application.

You have to keep your regularity indicator at:

Woman 300 kg/day
Man 450 kg/day