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Muscle toning program

The SUIFF muscle toning method is focused on achieving two very important goals in our life:

Gain muscle mass. We know that our muscle mass is decreasing 1% every year naturally if we do nothing. We start losing muscle mass after we reach 30 years old, and this loss accelerates after we reach 50 years old. In addition, according to recent studies, it has been proven that the muscular system is actually a true endocrine organ that secretes dozens of essential molecules for the proper functioning of our body. That is why muscle work became essential if we want to maintain our health. We have to gain mass because we are losing it, and it also guarantees the proper functioning of our body.

Improve our body composition. The muscle toning exercise also helps to improve our body image, to tone all our body areas to obtain proportionality. In our daily life we use a very small part of our muscles. We usually walk, sit, climb stairs and little else. The upper part of our body loses strength quicker, just like the Core, the entire abdominal girdle that helps us keep the body in a good position and the organs in place. With toning workouts we will keep our entire muscular system in shape.

Our SUIFF method of muscle toning, schedules a minimum training system for each week, with goals to achieve designed for you. We rely on achieving mechanical tension and metabolic stress on the muscles, which will make you able to increase your muscle mass.

\The program is not designed for great muscle hypertrophy, it is designed for muscle health and feeling good about our body. Especially in women who think that if they do force workout they will look muscular. Women have 10 times less testosterone than men, making muscle definition much more difficult than men. Training force is a guarantee of physical health.

If you have never trained muscle force, do not worry, we work by exercise levels to adapt to the maximum to your current physical state and progressively improve it over time. We do not seek immediate results as they are bad in the medium term. It is important to create habits forever.

We program you:

Muscle training.

In order to increase muscle mass, we will work during the force sessions exercises with different ranges of repetitions, being the ideal that we always come close to muscle failure (when the last repetitions are hard to do them, leaving one or two behind, so we must strive).

3 or 4 weekly sessions to improve your muscle mass, throughout the body. Trainings of only 25-35 minutes.

The 48-hour recovery is very important to work the same muscle groups again. No more is better in force training.

We are going to be able to move 3000 to 4.000 kg per week.

Joint mobility training, stretching and muscle HIIT

You will find a sort of joint mobility and stretching sessions in the program to combine with the strength program, and every so often, a HIIT with a more “muscular” approach, with more strength exercises, to combine with the other workouts and keep us motivated.

You will have to add: Your nutritional system

To gain muscle mass, a proper diet is also very important, with an extra caloric level, since our energy needs will be increased and you will need more energy to produce protein synthesis.

We advise you on a proper diet with a nutritionist so that you can give yourself personal guidelines to apply throughout your life. It is important that you know how to regulate your eating habit forever, without dieting, incorporating it into your way of life.

SUIFF MUSCLE TONING PROGRAMS are structured in periods of 12 weeks, which is the minimum period to start seeing results. To motivate you more, each 12-week program consists of four phases of three weeks each, which will progressively increase in difficulty as we advance to ensure adequate adaptation and evolution. During all phases, a series of established objectives must be met in order to achieve the desired results. In addition, constant feedback will be received every week to see where we are.

This way you will be able to do 12 week programs on a regular basis and you will achieve your goal. We do not want to deceive you with immediate results, they are not long lasting, only regular programs in time will give you the result you expect, forever. Train with us and you will see the result.


·         Strength training is essential.

·         Toning training will help you improve your composition and make you look better.

·         Incorporate a training plan to achieve your muscle toning goal, designed by SUIFF professionals. It has no sense doing single sessions without a plan.

·         Incorporate a proper nutritional plan, and create long lasting habits.

·         Be regular, it is the only important thing to change your body and your habits.